Front & Rear Projection Technology

How we can help you

CentrePoint AV Limited offers comprehensive supply and installation services for both front and rear projection equipment, tailored for events, exhibitions, presentations, and displays. Additionally, we specialize in installing and fitting interactive wall and floor systems, providing immersive experiences for your audience.

There are several touch technologies to choose from including: resistive; surface capacitive; projected capacitive; infrared; surface acoustic wave (SAW); optical imaging; dispersive signal technology (DST); acoustic pulse recognition; LCD in-cell optical and force sensing, all designed to suit prevailing conditions. Centrepoint AV will of course advise and advocate the correct technology for the installation which will be established at the site survey stage.

Front Projection

Front projection refers to the positioning of the projector in front of the screen, relying on a highly reflective surface for a clear and true image reproduction. This setup is ideal for scenarios where space is limited or where a sleek, unobtrusive setup is desired.

Rear Projection

With rear projection, the projector is placed behind the screen, projecting images directly forward towards the audience. The screen technology diffuses the light path, delivering bright, sharp images within a predefined viewing zone. This technique is commonly employed in the events and exhibition industry, where uninterrupted projection is essential.

Innovative Rear Projection for Shop Windows

Rear projection technology can also be utilised in shop windows, offering a unique way to showcase content to passers-by. By fixing a special foil permanently to the window, a powerful projector can display a diffused, even image onto the glass surface without hotspots. This method, known as “windows out” image projection, is often combined with a touch foil interface, allowing for menu-driven, touch-through-glass control.