Versatile and High-Quality Videowalls

How we can help

CentrePoint AV Limited supplies videowalls of all shapes and sizes to suit a variety of budgets and applications. We provide the gantry, brackets, and all necessary video processing equipment, along with a comprehensive installation service, complete with warranty and SLA if required.

Videowalls are constructed from multiple smaller panels, typically ranging from 40″ to 60″. The overall size of the wall can be customised to your needs. For optimal effect, a 4x HD resolution is now the standard requirement, given the large dimensions of these walls. They can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or even suspended, depending on the application.

CentrePoint AV Limited offers a complete service: from supply and installation to maintenance and content creation for your videowall. This turnkey solution ensures a seamless experience, helping to simplify the process and minimise costs.