Touchscreen Technology

About touchscreens

There are lots of high definition LCD touch screens available ranging from 15″ through to over 105″. The size of the touch screen can of course be increased hugely by using the panels in a video wall format. In the case of an interactive video wall it is possible, for example, to make just some of the panels interactive and to therefore use these panels as the controlling interface for the whole display. The panels can be placed either in landscape or in portrait format and are available for indoor and outdoor environments (IP65).

There are several touch technologies to choose from including: resistive; surface capacitive; projected capacitive; infrared; surface acoustic wave (SAW); optical imaging; dispersive signal technology (DST); acoustic pulse recognition; LCD in-cell optical and force sensing, all designed to suit prevailing conditions. Centrepoint AV will of course advise and advocate the correct technology for the installation which will be established at the site survey stage.