Innovative Interactive Floors & Walls

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Interactive floors and walls offer an exciting, unique, and intuitive way to deliver powerful messages through advertising, brand reinforcement, and corporate identity establishment.

CentrePoint AV, in partnership with the German company Realtime Visions GmbH, has pioneered a unique interactive floor and whiteboard system designed specifically for the education market. The new Firecube system caters to the UK primary school curriculum and has earned respect among headteachers and teachers, significantly impressing Ofsted inspection teams, who have mentioned the system positively in their reports.

Interactive floors can transform retail outlets. Imagine walking into a restaurant over a virtual swimming pool filled with shimmering water, goldfish swimming through it, and the restaurant’s logo displayed beneath. As you walk, you see ripples in the water, hear the sounds of your footsteps, and watch the fish dart away from your feet. In a corporate function setting, guests can walk over the pool, revealing the corporate logo as they move through the virtual water.

Each effect is completely configurable; you can easily insert your own backgrounds, logos, videos, sounds, and settings using Firecube’s built-in configuration dialogues, which are extremely user-friendly.